CryptoGuesser - About

Hello.. My name is Mike and I'm a codaholic...

This project was created to showcase XQR and to show how Qredit and QAE tokens can be easily integrated into your crypto apps.

In the near future, I will putting the code for this application on Github for anybody to review.

In the meantime, here are some links to a couple NodeJS modules I wrote for anybody to use:


The CryptoGuesser Token (CGT) is the first Use-Based token on the Qredit QAE network. It serves two purposes.

1. To highlight how QAE tokens can be easily generated and used on the Qredit QAE network and to also highlight how low cost it is to transact on the Qredit network.

2. To serve as a utility token for the online game CryptoGuesser.com, where users make guesses about numbers in a future blockchain hash.

I'm giving away CGT to anybody who wants it. Just find me in the chatroom.

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